Monitoring and evaluation tools

Tools you can use to track implementation and understand the benefits and impacts of the Mum's Magic Hands approach.

Baseline tools

As part of the implementation steps, it is important to better understand existing handwashing knowledge and practices of the target group. This section provides you with the tools to adapt for the baseline. However, a more in-depth baseline analysis should also be done if time permits, and this could be integrated into the wider baseline assessment as MMH is not a standalone activity.

Monitoring tools

It is critical that monitoring is conducted throughout the programme to track progress of handwashing habits. Monitoring tools include a mini survey, focus group discussions and structured observation.

Evaluation tools

To determine whether the MMH programme had an impact on handwashing practice and COVID-19 prevention, it is important to ensure key handwashing knowledge and practice are evaluated in the end. Tools include focus group discussion, key informant interviews, structured observation, KAP survey. The tools can be translated in the appropriate language needed for your contexts.

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